Learn to Fly

Become an Aerial Yoga Instructor!

Radiant Aerial Yoga is established in the Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice.  The hammock is used as a powerful prop to enhance the yoga practice and create unique openings in the body through the use of the hammock, gravity, the air, and the breath.  

Radiant Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings are currently being offered in Montgomery, Al and Vail, CO.

Radiant Aerial Yoga was founded by Tracy Long and Leisha Knight at Peace, Love, and Aerial Yoga in Minturn, CO.  Join us for Radiant Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and learn Aerial Asanas, Aerial Sequencing, Anatomical Positioning, Rigging, and how to share Aerial Yoga with others!  Get certified to be a Radiant Aerial Yoga Teacher!