Elemental Vinyasa- Provides an overview of the 5 Foundational Elements as experienced through the asana, vinyasa, bija mantra, and meditation practices.  This course can be studied through a regular weekly class or you can take a workshop. The workshop will also provide a handout/workbook that will be used both during the course and for self-study and reflection for both contact and non contact hours for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

Core Connection-   Empower yourself by connecting to your Solar Plexus as a center of Power and Strength.  This coures can be studied on a weekly basis or in a series designed to strengthen the core, the mind, and help you feel more energetic. 

Dynamic Vinyasa-  This class will push you to your edge through a dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Practice combining Movement with Breath through sequences that take you deeper into your physical body.  

Gentle Flow - This is a gentle flow class with a Hatha Yoga foundation.  It explores foundational yoga poses, conscious awareness, and a connection to the breath as prana.

Root to Rise -   Take the time to plant your efforts in nourishing soil with a practice that will nourish your seeds all year long, making way for beautiful blooms in your life throughout the year.  This is a workshop that can be offered in a 3 - 4 hour time span.  Students receive a workbook to enhance the experience through self-study.

PaddleBoard Yoga- This class is for everyone!!!  We will teach you to stand up, efficient paddling, and then take you through some movements to challenge your balance and help develop strength and flexibility.  This is a great CORE Strengthening class that will present challenging opportunities and peaceful moments.

Meditation Walks- Meditation walks provide a mantra, breath pattern, or focus topic for groups or individuals to develop focus on the journey.  They are a wonderful way to deepen your experience both internally and externally on the journey of life.

Yoga Hikes- Yoga Hikes combine elements of meditation walks and the asana practice to take you deeper into yourself on your journey's into nature.  We use the postures as a way to keep feeling good on the trail and the element of meditation to stay in the moment and make the most of the journey!

Yoga with your Dog - This workshop will teach you some poses that you can practice with your furry friend as well as ways to connect with your fur baby during your yoga practice rather than trying to keep them out, it invites them in!  They Love It!

Fire Ceremony- Combines Ancient Tantric Rituals with Meditation and Asana around a Fire at Sacred Junctures throughout the year!

Courses are offered seasonally, please visit our Master Calendar to see when we'll be in a location near you.

  Series and workshops are available to interested  studios, programs, or entities.

Contact us if you would like to collaborate with us!