Rebuild Nepal Project

Rebuild Nepal

Yoga Trekking International is committed to helping rebuild Nepal following the devastating earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015.  Over 600,000 homes were destroyed in the earthquake and 8000 people died.  There are still over 40,000 people living without permanent and safe housing even now, a year later.  We know that you reach a summit one step at a time so our first steps are in Tokha, a village on the outskirts of Kathmandu at the base of Shivapuri National Park.  We are beginning with homes to ensure that the people in the area have safe housing with proper sewage drainage to protect the water sources in the area.  Our first project was a year ago and we raised $2700 to contribute to the effort. Thank you to everyone who helped make a difference!  It will take significantly more to rebuild Tokha.  We would like to give $3000 to 50 families.  This would help rebuild 50 homes in the area.  Every dollar counts!  Let's rebuild a village together!

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100 % of your purchase goes to the Rebuild Nepal Project.